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Pinned topic IBM Http Server Static content issue

‏2012-12-13T13:43:06Z |
Hello Everybody,

I have integrated IBM WebSphere 6.1 and IBM Http Server,
and I have installed a web Application in Appserver(WebSphere 6.1) and I have copied static content in web Server (IBM HTTP Server)
and I am referring and image (VISA.gif) which is in web Server in my JSP page,

When I am accessing the JSP page for the FIRST time the image is not getting displayed
and when I REFRESH the JSP then the image(VISA.gif) is getting displayed. I am not able to figure out why the image is not getting displayed for the first time and only getting displayed after refresh.

Could some body help me understand this ??

I am attaching the log file for reference

Thanks in Advance
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    Re: IBM Http Server Static content issue

    The log shows plugin trying to handle /oasis/images/VISA.gif

    If the visa.gif file is deployed on the HTTP server then it should use something other than /oasis because /oasis/... will be forwarded to the application server.

    Make sure that the path to images on your web server is not part of the context root of the application.

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