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Pinned topic Error in "Table 22. CEIL (n*3.32) and CEIL (n/3.32) values"

‏2012-12-13T12:03:48Z |
The table labeled "Table 22. CEIL (n*3.32) and CEIL (n/3.32) values" at has incorrect values in the "CEIL (n*3.32)" column for n=25 and n=28. For n=25, it lists 83; for n=28, it lists 93. While CEIL (25*3.32) does in fact equal 83 and CEIL (28*3.32) = 93, the values should be 84 and 94, respectively; 10^25-1 needs 84 bits and 10^28-1 needs 94.

The problem is 3.32 is not a precise enough approximation to log2(10).