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Pinned topic Version 21 on mac does't work!

‏2012-12-13T08:48:00Z |
Hi everybody.

I've recently gotten the 21 version, and I've dropped it on my MacBook Pro, and everything seemed to be working fine. At the end of installation a box popped up that next time I open this programme, it's ready for use. But when I clicked on open, nothing happened. At first it seemed to be stuck on the opening window (the one with disclaimers - like word has for instant), and then nothing. When I click "show all windows" nothing happens. (The icon is in my dock)
Does anyone know how to fix this? (I've already tried re-installing elsewhere on the same mac)
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    Re: Version 21 on mac does't work!

    This question has nothing to do with accessibility, so this is the wrong forum for it. Please contact Technical Support to see if they can diagnose the problem