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Pinned topic x3650 M3 - megacli save and restore RAID configuration

‏2012-12-13T08:41:22Z |
last time I had an incident, after server reboot all RAID configuration was gone. Now I try to find a tool to save and restore RAID configuration for my server.
It is for x3650 m3 with m5015 controller.
I found MegaCLI tool to save RAID configuration to a file.
During server reboot there are 2 options for RAID matrix to configure it - WebBIOS and CLI.
I would like to restore configuration with this boot CLI, as a file with saved configuration I would like to provide file saved with MegaCLI.
Could someone tell me how to provide this file to boot CLI ?
I know that there is an option: "- CfgRestore filename" .... but how to provide it ? this tool can see USB or other drive ?
Thanks for help