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Pinned topic Using WorklightConfiguration in a custom login module

‏2012-12-13T04:38:53Z |
Hello there

Do I use com.worklight.server.bundle.api.WorklightConfiguration to get properties from in a custom LoginModule? If yes, what supporting jars are required?

Thank you
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    Re: Using WorklightConfiguration in a custom login module

    Yes, you can do it. The API is:

    String propValue = WorklightConfiguration.getInstance().getString("propName");

    This, however, will require adding some dependencies to your WL project. Right click on it, go to Properties -> Java Build Path -> Libraries -> Add external JARs
    Navigate to your Eclipse folder\plugins\com.worklight.worklight-3rd-parties_version-number\target\dependency\ and add spring-beans-2.5.6.jar and spring-core-2.5.6.jar