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Pinned topic TPC Version 4.2.x SRA install on VIO

‏2012-12-12T21:39:33Z |
Does anyone have some guidance on installing SRA on VIO server when running TPC version 4.2.x as it appears that SRA is not bundled in VIOS.

The version 4.2.x Storage Resource Agent is not bundled with AIX VIOS.

When I prestage the code on the VIO server for the SRA installation, what
do I need?

How many of disk 1 do I need? (all parts?)
Should I use the Unix SRA agent?

In the past, I have used disk 1 all parts, but that was years ago...
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    Re: TPC Version 4.2.x SRA install on VIO

    You can download just the SRA code in a bundle from the same place as the TPC fixpacks. Use the aix_power directory from the bundle.