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Pinned topic "A critical error occurred, The Windows installation cannot continue"

‏2012-12-12T16:44:57Z |
Hi Sir, Good day,

Now I have a problems that caused me stop the workflow.

After I followed the instructions to running the server guide into x3300 m4 ,
and follow the steps by clicking “next”, and at the OS page I choose “Window 2008 64 bits” then I select RAID default,
Then server running and restart, ask for putting the Window CD (IBM Product DVD - Windows 2008 R2 DVD P/N 95Y3192), but after that came out a screen as that show "A critical error occurred, The Windows installation cannot continue". Either press "next" or "exit" button, both also shut down the server.

As instruction from IBM support (not yet feedback to me), sir may have a view of the files.
Looking for your solution. Thanks.
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