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Pinned topic Null Pointer for certain data structures when Auto-outline is ON (RPGLE)

‏2012-12-12T15:45:38Z |
I have been having issues getting null pointer exceptions in RDP 8.5.1 (Windows 7 64-bit).

I haven't figured out the cause. Some are unnamed data structures that just overlay data, but at least one is named. When I comment out the offending data structures, the outline view finally refreshes and shows everything. Until I do that the parser simply stops and the outline view is incomplete. I could handle that, but the null pointer exceptions pop up randomly. Essentially anytime RDP feels the need to auto-refresh the outline.

Here is what is in the log though it seems mostly meaningless. It just points to what I already know: the parser is crashing. That's sort of obvious, but maybe there's more info there than I see.

I have many programs with many, many more data structures and far more sub fields and hose work without issue. I do know if I turn off auto-refresh the legacy outline view works fine. It renders the full outline without issue. Only the dynamic refresh appears to crash.

I am running V5R4 on our system. I don't know if that's relevant.

This is obviously a bug, so maybe it has already been reported and there is a better work around than simply turning off auto-refresh of the outline view. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I am giving as much info as I have.

Here's a link to all the structures I had to comment out. If something jumps out to anyone let me know.

Finally, if anyone knows enough about eclipse that they could tell me how I could quickly create a keyboard shortcut or menu item to quickly disable/enable the auto-refresh feature in preferences, that would make this issue much easier to live with. I am sure it is possible. Just not sure how much effort would be involved. I am not opposed to installing an add-in to make that happen.

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    Re: Null Pointer for certain data structures when Auto-outline is ON (RPGLE)


    I have no solution for you but I upgraded to v8.5.1 several weeks ago and have not had the problem you describe UNTIL THIS MORNING. Null pointer exceptions, no outline view, no identifiable cause. We're on V6.1.

    I'll be poking around for solutions. Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone.