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Pinned topic Cannot connect to remote db2 server

‏2012-12-12T08:44:40Z |
Here is the thing: I've got two DB2 servers. Both are set up on 64 bit Fedora. Old one on Fedora 9 with DB2 ver 9.7, new one on Fedora 16 with DB2 ver. 10.1. The old one works fine, I can connect to it remotly and do whatever I want. The new one gives me troubles. It seems to work, I've created database and can connect to it localy from command line. But I cannot figure out whats the problem with remote connection. I made sure that port 50000 is not blocked, I even disabled whole firewall just to see if it will work - it didn't.
I'm trying to connect from Windows XP IBM Data Studio ver
Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?