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Pinned topic File Manager Plug-in for CICS Explorer

‏2012-12-12T03:20:18Z |
We are running CICS Explorer 1.1.3 and File Manager V11.1

We are recieving the following message when trying to start the Listner application FMNCAS for first time

FMNBB622 FMNSPAWN does not exist at /var/FMNSPAWN
FMNBB627 /var/FMNSPAWN could not be created reason=055800B0.

There appears to be no other messages in SYSLOG. FMNBB627 is not in the File Manager Messages and codes.

According to installation , if it does not exist it is created but it has not been created. Could you let us know what the above reason code means?

• PATH Specifies the location of a one-time writeable area for the server to create an external link file (FMNSPAWN) and a SSL certificate file (fmnserv). This location is specified including the file name FMNSPAWN. The path name can be any name. However, the path must exist and be accessible from the SERVER task and have write access for the first time the server is launched. The path is used to invoked the File Manager load module FMNSPAWN which must be available in the active steplib or link list for the server task during the spawn process. The path location is also used to hold an SSL certificate file for SSL-encrypted communication with the File Manager Eclipse plugin.
For example the SERVER statement might be specified as: SERVER PORT=2071,PATH=/etc/FMNSPAWN

I believe it is probably security related (RACF) but not seeing any other messages.
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    Re: File Manager Plug-in for CICS Explorer


    I forwarded your question to a File Manager expert and got this response:

    JRUserNotPrivileged: The requester of the service is not privileged

    Action: The service requested required a privileged user. Check the
    documentation for the service to understand what privilege is required.

    Interpreting that in context would mean that the server user does not have privilege to create the file.
    As you quoted in the doc, the server needs write access to the path at least for the first run to create files.
    So we need to check if /var is write mounted and if directory allows write.

    This can be done by examining the output of the OMVS commands;
    df -v /var
    ls -dl /var

    For FMNBB627, the reason code, as with all z/OS Unix codes, can typically most quickly be interpreted by issuing TSO BPXMTEXT code.

    Hope that's helpful!

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    Re: File Manager Plug-in for CICS Explorer

    To: Joan Murphy
    Subject: IBM Service Request: Service request 15826 215 616 has been updated - Cics Explorer Plug In.

    This communication was generated by an auto-response machine, please do not reply to this e-mail.

    Service request number 15826 215 616 was successfully updated with IBM support with the following title:

    Cics Explorer Plug In

    View and update your service request at

    The update was:

    Email Sent on 2013/01/16 at 09:59 Local Time

    PMR 15826,215,616

    Hi Joan/Jaqueline,

    UID(0) is required with FM V11 for FMNCAS.
    Denise Hubbs
    PD Tools Tech Support