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‏2012-12-11T19:10:20Z |
using Portal 6
Web Experience Factory 7

The following is part of a Client Javascript builder
drawing = '${Variables/RowThatWasSelected/Row/DRAWING}';
viewPrint = '${Variables/viewPrint}';
url = viewPrint;
myRef =,'mywin');

viewPrint has a value of ""+drawing
drawing has a value of '1BSY34'
url gets a value of

This has been working for a year but recently something changed causing the variable to be interpreted differently. The url is now getting a value of ""+drawing which returns a 404 message.

As a work around I've replaced
url = viewPrint;
url = ''+drawing;

But I'd rather not hard code the url. Any ideas regarding this?

Thanks in advance!
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    Re: javascript variable interpretation

    How are you setting the "drawing" variable?

    Can you post a sample model exhibiting the problem? (without any confidential info, of course). This will help us pinpoint exactly what you did wrong.

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