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Pinned topic Guard condition in statecharts ibm rahpsody

‏2012-12-11T14:19:40Z |
Hi, Im using ibm rhapsody developer, version 8.0
I have simple state chart which has the following states:
State0, State1, State2

State 0 and State1 belong to one state chart. State2 is a sub state in state0.
Event 'a' makes a transition from state0 to state1 and b makes from state1 to state0. event 'c' makes transition from state0 to state2. event 'd' makes transition from state2 back to its super state, state0.

Now i need to write a guard condition or a constraint such that the event 'a' is fired only after the event 'd' is fired. Please let me know how to achieve this constraint. Thank you for your help