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‏2012-12-11T12:30:10Z |
In the DXL documentation there is a check and repair database integrity feature.

Is this feature have ever been used by anyone?

Could someone post an DXL example?

Thank in advance.
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    Re: Database Integrity

    I think there's more information in the actual Help files about this tool. Here's what the Help files from 9.3 state:
    Identifying and repairing problems with the integrity of the database

    Use the Database Integrity Checker to identify and repair data integrity problems.

    About this task

    You can check:
    •Each reference from a parent item to a child item has a corresponding reference back from the child to the parent.
    •No child item is referenced as a child of two different parent items.
    •Every item in the database is referenced as the child of another item. If an item is not referenced by a parent, it (and any children it has) is not displayed in the database explorer. This data is recovered to a Lost and Found folder.
    •Every project in the database has an entry in the project view list. The project view list is the list that Rational® DOORS® uses to generate the Project View in the database explorer.

    When the database integrity check is complete, use the wizard to repair any inconsistencies in the database and move or restore any recovered data.

    I used the tool once when I upgraded from 8.3 to 9.0. It found some children that had no parents, in a project that was pretty much abandoned by the group that created it. I saved off the log file and never had any problems in DOORS - so I don't think the tool is risky to use. That's my experience with it. The Help files also indicate that an integrity check of smaller scope can be run. Here's that information....

    You can run a restricted integrity check on the contents of a selected folder or project. An integrity check on a project or folder cannot check for data that is not referenced by any other item. It can check for:
    •Missing data
    •Items that are referenced by more than one parent
    •Projects that are not included in the project list

    I hope this gives you an idea of what the tool is used for. I'm not sure how tweaking it with DXL would improve it.