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Pinned topic DS3524 - Hotspare will not kick in on disk pool?

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We have a customer that recently purchased a DS3524.

They have 19 146 GB SAS disks and 3 400 GB SSD.

We have created a mirror of 2 of the SSD's and the 3rd disk as a hotspare. This setup works great, and the hot spare kicks in if we remove any of the disks in the mirror.

For the 19 SAS disks we have created a disk pool with 18 of them, and set 1 as a hotspare. I can not see the disk pool as an array, and can not specify the SAS (hot spare)for the disk pool (it just says "Hot spare coverege" - ALL).

We unplugged one of the drives in the disk pool, but the hot spare did not kick in. Can you somehow configure a hot spare to a disk pool, or am I missing something?

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    Re: DS3524 - Hotspare will not kick in on disk pool?

    the disk pool concept is quite different from the traditional array approach. There is no
    dedicated/global hot spare for a disk pool. There's a "preservation capacity" defined
    for your disk pool (which is similar to hot spare). Please read the storage manager 10.83 guide
    for more info.