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Pinned topic DOORS Installation on Standalone PC

‏2012-12-11T09:10:55Z |
Sorry, have been away from DOORS for a few years and am struggling to come to terms with it in its new guise (when I was trained, it was Telelogic!). I am trying to get DOORS 9.3 running on a standalone Windows 7 PC (this cannot be networked due to security issues). I have inherited .DMA files froma customer (which I believe were created in V9.2) - I also have the same data in an XLS file. I have the DOORS software installed (pointing to a location on the local machine for the DB Server) and have a local licence file and that is about as far as I get. Logging in as Admin or Database Mgr doesn't give me options to import any existing files.

I can get access to an existing DB Server on a network running 8.2 but the user mgr says that he can't do anything with the v9.2 files.

I'm currently getting the feeling that I should just bite the bullet and use an Access database, which would probably be as much / more use as DOORS for me at the moment.