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Pinned topic RFT 8.3 and Chrome

‏2012-12-11T00:51:20Z |
We currently have a bunch of RFT scripts that are run through Firefox. Recently I tried to change to Chrome as our company browser standard is changing. Noticing that RFT 8.3 supports Chrome I thought that this would be possible.

I got Chrome working, however it showed up as a different top level object. Rather that a browser_htmlBrowser, it was a chromeWindow or something like that. I found that I couldn't inspect or 'find' any subitems with this window object.

Has anyone successfully transferred to Chrome from Firefox for their functional testing?

Did you encounter similar issues and how did you overcome them?

Many Thanks

Pete Januarius....
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    Re: RFT 8.3 and Chrome

    I suspect that your chrome browser is not enabled properly. Below link should help you in enabling it :