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Web.xml.readme file says standalone.web.xml is supposed to be use for standalone apps which I interpret as just "Servlet" apps not portlet applications. portlet.standard.web.xml is supposed to be used for jsr complaint portlets.

When I publish from designer it uses standalone.web.xml but publishes it to portlet server (+ app server). As I understand, the same war can serve up content when I run it "as model" or when I log into portal server and view it from there.

In the log, I also see statements "Building portlet ear for use with JMX Dualmode deployments" What is dual model deployment? Is it a setting in app server that can be turned off and on? Any insights into what is going on here would helpful.

I stumbled on this in my attempt to add couple of roles and jndi name in web.xml using factory fragment processing by putting xml in extensions folder.
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    Re: Portlet.standard.web.xml and standalone.web.xml / dual model deployment

    Correct, standalone means servlet based (as opposed to portlet).

    When you deploy a "development" WAR from Designer to Portal (as opposed to WAS CE or just a WebSphere Application Server with no portal involved) you're deploying what WEF calls a dual-mode WAR (one that can be used standalone or via portlets). It does this so that you can run models from designer and it'll generate them and run them as servlet based apps for rapid testing, BUT still allow you to test the models enabled as portlets via WebSphere Portal without having to deploy a separate application WAR. So in this case, it uses the standalone WAR.

    When you export a production WAR from WEF Designer (or build one via the command line scripts) you need to explicitly choose whether you're building a portlet WAR or standalone Application WAR and in that case it'll only be either a portlet WAR or standalone servlet based WAR and not a dual-mode WAR.

    I hope that info helps,
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    Re: Portlet.standard.web.xml and standalone.web.xml / dual model deployment

    Thanks !