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Pinned topic Error: Unrecognized argument and SAX parser exception thrown: 'SelectState

‏2012-12-10T16:59:13Z |
I need help!

I have an error with a DB2_Connector Stage called "Bd_ADM_DECEJOT1", that I pass the parameter #p_FechasOp# wichs contains timestamp separeted by comma and enclosed by "'", for example: '2012-12-13 18:05:06','2012-12-14 19:05:06' or "'2012-12-14 19:05:06', the Query is:

SELECT c_adm_cplraov1,f_adm_fiepenj1 FROM #$v_own_DB2_zOS#.dd_adm_decejot1 WHERE c_adm_cplraov1 = #p_ClaveProceso# AND f_adm_fiepenj1 in (#p_FechasOp#) GROUP BY c_adm_cplraov1,f_adm_fiepenj1.

The errors that throws the Stage is as follows:

Bd_ADM_DECEJOT1: Unrecognized argument: 18:34:05)
GROUP BY c_adm_cplraov1,f_adm_fiepenj1]]><ReadFromFileSelect type='bool'><![CDATA0]></ReadFromFileSelect><Tables collapsed='1'><Table type='string'></Table><Table type='string'><![CDATAadm_validacion]></Table></Tables><Parameters collapsed='1'></Parameters><Columns collapsed='1'><Column type='string'><![CDATAf_adm_fiepenj1,f_adm_fiepenj1,adm_validacion]></Column><Column type='string'><![CDATAc_adm_cplraov1,c_adm_cplraov1,adm_validacion]></Column></Columns><WhereClause type='string'><![CDATA[(c_adm_cplraov1 = 1 AND f_adm_fiepenj1 IN ( 2012-11-11

Bd_ADM_DECEJOT1: SAX parser exception thrown: The input ended before all started tags were ended. Last tag started was 'SelectStatement' (CC_PropertySet::fatalError, file CC_PropertySet.cpp, line 2,216)

Bd_ADM_DECEJOT1: Error occurred during initializeFromArgs().
Error occurred during initializeFromArgs().

Please someone help me to resolve the error.

Carlos Zambrano