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We are running SVC cluster ver We have 15-hosts ESXi5 cluster that needs to access the same LUN with the same scsi id to create datastare on it. It is really pain to map the same volume from gui to all 15 ESXi hosts. So we use command line to map same lun to muliple hosts.
I am trying to find out, Is new ver release of SVC 6.3 and 6.4 this function embedded in gui? or should I create one host object and add all 15 ESXi host initiator wwpn (30 wwpns, two per host) to the one host object id. Don’t know is this is a best practice?
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    Re: SVC host groups

    The SVC software doesn't yet have a concept of host groups. The most common practice for managing clustered host systems that need identical access to the same set of LUNs seems to be to put all the host ports into a single host object in the SVC configuration.