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‏2012-12-10T13:30:15Z |
Running Redhat Smartcloud image with Cognos 10.1 and DB2 V9.7

I installed Developer edition because I'd like to try publishing some packages to my cloud instance. Is there a separate tool for this because I can't seem to find the area where I can change my environment to point to my cloud based Cognos server?

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    Re: Cognos Framework Manager

    If you wants to install Framework Manager as distributed install, in that case you need to install framework manager separately


    1.install Framework Manager alone to new path
    2.launch Cognos configuration of framework manager
    3.Navigate to local setting>environment
    4.Point below two to your another BI server on cloud terminal
    -Gateway URI
    -External application dispatcher URI

    With this setting I connect to BI report/gateway server from my framework manager installed on my own terminal

    Hope this helps you a bit.