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Pinned topic Blocks within blocks

‏2012-12-10T11:04:55Z |
I hope a simple problem... When trying to place a block within a block, the inner block loses its form and has a dotted perimeter. How do I stop this from occurring?
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    Re: Blocks within blocks

    ‏2012-12-10T14:26:34Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    The dotted outline shows that the block is referenced from somewhere else. What you will need to do is define the block in the browser.

    If Parent_Block is the upper level and Child_Block is the contained block, what you need to do is find Parent_Block in the browser. Right Click->Add New->Blocks->Block creates Child_Block "under" Parent_Block in the browser. When you drag Child_Block onto the BDD, it will show as you expect.

    That being said, may I make a recomendation? Blocks aren't comprised of blocks (general units), they are comprised of parts. My suggestion is that you use a Block/Part relationship. So using the same elements above, Parent_Block is a block, Child_Block is a block. Parent_Block has a part called itsChild_Block1 that is of type Child_Block. This shows that Parent_Block has a specific instance of Child_Block.

    If you need to show multiple layers (i.e., Parent_Block, Child_Block, GrandChild_Block, GreatGrandChild_Block ...) this approach requires you work bottom up if you want everything defined in the same model.