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I hope a simple problem... When trying to place a block within a block, the inner block loses its form and has a dotted perimeter. How do I stop this from occurring?
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    Re: Blocks within blocks

    The dotted outline shows that the block is referenced from somewhere else. What you will need to do is define the block in the browser.

    If Parent_Block is the upper level and Child_Block is the contained block, what you need to do is find Parent_Block in the browser. Right Click->Add New->Blocks->Block creates Child_Block "under" Parent_Block in the browser. When you drag Child_Block onto the BDD, it will show as you expect.

    That being said, may I make a recomendation? Blocks aren't comprised of blocks (general units), they are comprised of parts. My suggestion is that you use a Block/Part relationship. So using the same elements above, Parent_Block is a block, Child_Block is a block. Parent_Block has a part called itsChild_Block1 that is of type Child_Block. This shows that Parent_Block has a specific instance of Child_Block.

    If you need to show multiple layers (i.e., Parent_Block, Child_Block, GrandChild_Block, GreatGrandChild_Block ...) this approach requires you work bottom up if you want everything defined in the same model.