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Pinned topic SRVE0255E: A Webgroup/Virtual Host to handle /ibm/imam/console has not been

‏2012-12-10T05:18:04Z |
Having just performed a clean install of InfoSphere Information Server with the installer installing DB2 and WebSphere Application Server (all of which was reported as SUCCESS), we can not open Metadata Asset Manager, either using a direct URL or from the link in Web Console for Information Server.

Note that WAS is running, and we can connect to Web Console for Information Server (server:9080/ibm/iis/console) and WAS console (server:9060/ibm/console). But for Metadata Asset Manager we get the error message
SRVE0255E: A Webgroup/Virtual Host to handle /ibm/imam/console has not been defined.

Can anyone assist with resolving this? It's obviously somewhere deep in the bowels of WAS, but I know not where.

The only thing that's not default is that WAS is not installed under /opt/IBM, rather it's at /usr/Websphere7 (a corporate standard). This is the only instance of WAS running on this machine and, as noted, it's clearly running because we can connect to the other pages mentioned (and we checked with and netstat and ps commands).