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Pinned topic x3650 no video output

‏2012-12-09T23:55:27Z |
We have a x3650 which won't send any output to the monitor (from either the front or back VGA port).

None of the light path diagnostics LEDs are showing any issues. Fans appear to start/run normally. There is however a small strip of LEDs just behind the memory and to the left of the front of the serveRAID card which appear to be looping.

We have already attempted checking against difference memory, different CPUs and removing individual components.

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    Re: x3650 no video output

    Just to add some to what Shaun said (was working with him on this one)

    The server will turn on without memory and light path will show a memory fault and beep a normal code. A set of orange LEDs near the SAS connector near the memory look like a silon helmet

    With memory (any combination), the server will turn on, light path works to some degree (if we remove the riser, the riser LED goes on) but nothing is lit in perfect conditions (all parts seated correctly) But the lights near the SAS connector and infact any LED on the main board appear to flicker in 1.5 second intervals like the system is resetting itself constantly.

    CPU's have been swapped with known good, we disconnected all extras so it was just the main board, and no change

    Anyone seen this before at all?