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Pinned topic Page refresh issue in WEF 7.0,1

‏2012-12-09T18:48:06Z |
We migrated our project from WPF 6.1.0 to WEF 7.0.1 recently. After migration, some of the modules are having page refresh issue. We are using RAD 8.0 as the IDE.
We have a source portlet which invokes the event and target portlet which handles the event. We use WPF's events and use client side event rendering.
We have two models to present the consumer side. Inner model contains the application logic and outer model uses model container to include the inner model. Inner model is placed in an Ajax region in the outer model to avoid full page refresh. We pass profile data from outer model to inner model.

After migrating to new WEF version,when an action list is invoked using HTML event action, data fetch happens in the back end. But the page is not displayed. When I switch the page in Portal or refresh the page, portlet is displayed. We were using "Default" behavior for post action result in html event action in 6.1. I tried Smart refresh option with Ajax region and with out Ajax region. Still the portlet is not getting loaded.
I tried to install the latest WEF 7.0 fix ie But RAD 8.0 is showing some designer level errors and models are not opening.

Any help on this issue will be highly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Page refresh issue in WEF 7.0,1

    WEF 7.0.1 and later provides a feature called Smart Refresh which helps do partial page refresh of portlets and contained models automatically if enabled for the project and not explicitly disabled for a model or theme. Use of Smart Refresh should in general give you what you used to need Ajax Region for, and thus Ajax Region isn't typically used with later releases.

    If you upgrade a project from an earlier 6.0.x release, for compat reasons you may not have Smart Refresh enabled, but if you create a new project with 7.0.1 or later, then Smart Refresh is typically enabled by default. It's enabled via combination of WEB-INF/config/ setting a WEF UI Theme for the project, and the Theme enabling Smart Refresh.

    Note, smart and partial page refresh tend to require more well formed HTML (matched begin/end tags) than straight HTML pages, where browsers tend to allow for malformed HTML if you're not doing partial page swapping via AJAX/Javascript, and we have seen malformed HTML and/or custom Javascript errors cause problems with Smart/PartialPage refresh before.

    If you post a sample (with no confidential info or intellectual property) showing what you're having trouble with, it might make it easier for someone to quickly spot what's wrong with it
    .I hope that info helps,
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