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Pinned topic displaying a microsoft's olap cube members property as member description

‏2012-12-09T09:23:40Z |
Hi eb
I am reporting with cognos 10 report studio over microsoft's olap cubes (version 2008 r2).
In report studio metadata tree, under each dimension level I see 2 attributes:
- levelName-key
- Member Description
The levelName-key displays members keys, as expected.
Member Description however is empty and seems irelevant when using microsoft's olap cubes.
Is there a way I could put this attribute into use by mapping it to any of that original olap level's members properties
(their keys,description,value, or any other property that is related to them in the olap cube)?

P/S - is there a specific forum for questions regarding working with microsoft's olap cubes?
is There another forum for cognus 10 developers or this is it?

Thanks alot for your help!