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Pinned topic IBM DS 3524 Dual Controller Redundancy

‏2012-12-08T12:41:59Z |
Hi Everyone!
i Hope this find you all fine

Please i need help, i have IBM DS3524 Dual Controller with 4 ISCSI Duaghter Por, and IBM System x 3560 with Windows 2008 R2

My Scenario i must connect the Windows Server with 2 ISCSI Connection to each port per Controller as the following:

IBM Windows Server: Giga port 1 ===> ISCSI port 1 Controller A
Giga Port 2 ===> ISCSI port 1 Controller B

Now Ofcourse each ISCSI port is on different Subnet

My Question as the following:
1) I should add each Subnet in the "ISCSI Initiator" or the Windows will Discover that?
2) Windows Server will work automatic if the Controller A is down, it will take the path thru Controller B ? or there should be any additional Configuration??
3) as Best practice, connect the Server directly to the SAN, and take a connection from the server to the switch so other clients can access the Resources??

Thanks alot and i wish someone can help me with that with too many thanks