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Pinned topic Issue in sorting date field in the ClearQuest

‏2012-12-08T11:13:43Z |
I have created a query using ClearQuest windows client, it was for a bug tracing, so i have a very important field named : "Sumbitted Date"

The problem is i cannot sort the defects up on their "Submitted date" (Ascending, Descending) inside the Query Result view, it just give me a random sorting which means nothing.

Thank you,

Mohammed Ghannam
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    Re: Issue in sorting date field in the ClearQuest

    In which format (short, long, MM/DD/YY, DD/MM/YYYY, etc.) are dates displayed in your query?
    Can you send us a snapshot of the result set in the Windows client?
    Also: how is the field Submitted Date filled in?
    Automatically by an hook, manually by a user?