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Pinned topic <EXTRACT> error in VME

‏2012-12-07T16:35:53Z |
I've found a problem with the VME. I've tested this in V7.5 and v8.5 with the same result.

When you add an Extract to a macro there is an <extract> statement added at the top of the macro in the <extracts> section that defines the name of the extract and some other information. The <extract> in the actions section of the macro actuall performs the extract.

If you are working with Advanced macro format and you try to insert an Extract within an <evaluate> group the <extract> statement is not created in the <extract> section at the top of the macro, and the macro will not work properly.

The work around I've come up with is to define my <extract> action outside of an <evaluate> which adds the <extract> added to the <extract> section of the macro. I then add the extract to the <evaluate> and finally delete the temporary <extract> from the main body of the screen. This only needs to be done on one screen.

Is this working as designed or is it a bug? It has been around since v7.5 so if it is a bug I curious why it has not been reported and fixed by now. So, I suspect that either I'm doing something wrong, or there is documentation on this somewhere, but I cannot find it.

Comments are appreciated.