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Pinned topic helpOnFileEx() function arguments?

‏2012-12-07T11:59:31Z |
I have a .chm help file which I want to invoke on button press in the dialogbox.
I tried to use function helpOnFileEx() but the arguments are unknown.

Can anyone provide an example of invoking the function helpOnFileEx()?

Below is the code i tried:

DB dataBox
DBE but
void explainData(DBE key)
helpOn(getParent key,"D:\\Data\\DxlHelp\\HTMLHelp\\DxlHelp.chm",1)
} // explainData

dataBox = create "Help"
but = button(dataBox, "Explain", explainData)
show dataBox

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    Re: helpOnFileEx() function arguments?


    Don't know.
    below are all the calls in the doors.exe and the two references in the help. I notice:

    • indices 0-5 are reserved
    • file is type *.hlp
    void        helpOnEx(DB,string,string,Locale)   DOORSHelpLocaleOn 
    void            helpOnEx(DB,string,string)              DOORSHelpOn
    void            helpOnEx(DB,string,int)                 HelpFromFileEx
    void            helpOnEx(DB,int)                        HelpIntOnEx
    void            helpOnEx(DB,string)                     HelpOnEx
    void            helpOn(DB,string,int)                   HelpFromFile
    void            helpOn(DB,int)                          HelpIntOn
    void            helpOn(DB,string)                       HelpOn
    void            gluedHelp(DB,int)                       GluedHelpIntKey
    void            gluedHelp(DB,string)                    GluedHelpKey
    void            help(DB,string,string)                  DOORSHelpContextID
    void            help(DB,string,int)                     HelpFileKey
    void            help(DB,int)                            HelpIntKey
    void            help(DB,string)                         HelpKey

    helpOn Declaration void helpOn(DB box, string helpFile, int index)
    These functions are used in callbacks to activate the help system on a given topic. If the optional second argument is used, the help file must be in the appropriate format for the platform and must be referenced by a full path name; a relative path does not work in this case.

    void explainData(DBE key) {
    helpOn(getParent key, "DATA.HLP", 1)
    } // explainData
    button(dataBox, "Explain", explainData)

    helpOnEx Declaration helpOnEx()
    Invokes Rational DOORS help on the given topic, using chm (html) help file format. Arguments are the same as for existing perm helpOn(). Indices 0 - 5 are reserved for DOORS internal usage.


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