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Pinned topic WS Trust Validate Bindings and DataPower AAA Policy

‏2012-12-07T10:50:05Z |

WS-Trust provides a Validation Binding to validate a secrity token and reissue if required.

Can someone help me with the below queries on a STS validate service i am trying to build?

1. Can we pass an encrypted/ signed SAML 2.0 token in validate target element of WStrust? This is more of a WStrust policy question.

2. If we could pass the encrypted/signed SAML2.0 token in a in a RST, then can AAA policy verify the signed token and decrypt the token and validate the token or we have to write customised code to validate the passed token?

Vivek Jain
  • balug
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    Re: WS Trust Validate Bindings and DataPower AAA Policy


    Hi Vivek,

    I have a similar requirement. Were you succeeded in achieving above? Please share some configuration or your ideas.

    Thanks in adavance