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Pinned topic Multiple logins to eXtreme Scale Monitor?

‏2012-12-07T10:18:12Z |
Hi All,

I want to implement multiple logins to IBM WebSphere Extreme Scale 8.5 Monitor.

By default, the settings are such that--> If we log in using "admin" user, it shows all grids in the environment.

Now, I am trying to implement a scenario which has more than one grid in the environment and where each application has its own grid. The application owner has the admin rights on eXtreme Scale Monitor to view and monitor the grid statistics.

But for security purposes ,the application owner could be allowed to view only his grid and not all grids in the environment.

Can anyone guide me on this...

Is there any specific steps to follow in order to achieve the above scenario?

Any useful info would be highly appreciated.

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  • lisaw
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    Re: Multiple logins to eXtreme Scale Monitor?

    ‏2012-12-07T20:01:28Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Are you using the XC10 Monitoring Console or the standalone eXtreme Scale Monitoring Console on Windows?

    Unfortunately the standalone monitoring console does not allow for multiple users restricted to viewing only specific grids.

    Creating multiple users on the standalone monitoring console is not available at this time. Two users may log into the monitoring console with the same username "admin" and view the their grid statistics at the same time.

    For the XC10 appliance monitoring console, you can allow users to access only specific grids. Check out this page for information.

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    • AshwinSaundarmal
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      Re: Multiple logins to eXtreme Scale Monitor?

      ‏2015-03-18T09:54:04Z  in response to lisaw

      Hi Lisa,


      Is there anyway to disable the option of "Clear Map" in extreme Scale monitor console?

      Management -> Query Data Grid Contents gives all the maps available.

      If I click on any map, I am able to see "Clear Map" button, which removes all the data from a map.

      We just want to make this option disabled for some users (say users who are not having admin privileges).

      Please let me know your views.

      Thanks in Advance!



      --- Ashwin K S