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Pinned topic Agent doesn't return to WebSphere Application Server

‏2012-12-06T23:43:18Z |
We have map reduce agents that we want to invoke from a web service deployed to WebSphere Application Server, but after they are complete, the we get a ConnectException ( connect: Address is invalid on local machine, or port is not valid on remote machine+) when the agents try to return. It looks like it can't communicate back to the application server because of security, but we are in development and don't have security turned on.

Has anyone seen this before? and if so, how do we go about troubleshooting it? Eventually, we will have all security turned on, but for development, we just need to get this to work.

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    Re: Agent doesn't return to WebSphere Application Server

    Not sure from the error you posted if you are running a local or remote grid. If you are remote, check to see a firewall on your client machine isn't preventing a response back from the server. Looks like you can send out by connecting to the grid from your client, but can't receive back from the server.

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