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Pinned topic Datapower Secondary IP - networking flow

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Double checking myself here -

A Frontside Handler has the Secondary IP of This Secondary IP resides on the actual NIC of

When the service leaves the appliance, it leaves the appliance on the Secondary IP it came in on, being, not the physical NIC of ?

This is with Destination Based routing turned off, and Interface Isolation set to only use the IP the data was received on.

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    Re: Datapower Secondary IP - networking flow

    After some discussion, using Source-Based routing, and my Interface Isolation settings configured appropriately, the guarantee of the packet returning back to the client via response, on the same IP it came in on via the request, is what I needed to know. The packet 'leaving' the appliance to it's Destination, not to the client, but the backend, can be controlled with static routes if needed. Considering all of the orchestration going on anyway inside the appliance, such as changing from one FSH/IP to another FSH/IP, etc., my question of 'What will the Destination see IP-wise coming from the appliance, is dependent on the services and where the packet 'is' by the time it is ready for the Destination/Backend. So, almost a moot question from my end once I started thinking about it.