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Hi everybody
Does anybody know, how to open a coach in maximized way from process portal in BPM
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    ‏2012-12-06T21:03:05Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    I have done this in multiple ways with IBM BPM 6.2 and I guess the same will work with 7.5.1 also as heritage coach and portal.war is still same.

    1. The tile which shows tasks on process portal is advancedSearchResults.jsp (portal.war). There is a javascript function(toolbar.js) which has the height, width of the pop-up which opens the coach when you click on run. You can change the pixels or mention autoheight etc as per your requirement. Please note this is not a recommended approach as it will stop working when you upgrade to 8.0 and you will have migration issues.

    2. Use the javascript function window.resize() onload of the coach. This will work in the way that for a split second user will see the coach open in default configuration and then resize itself. You can place the logic on each coach or change it in the CoachDesigner.xslt or common js.

    This feature has been done well in 8.0 as the coach opens up in the same window full size rather than a pop-up

    Hope this helps