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Pinned topic Creating Crypto Shared key object for private key

‏2012-12-06T09:09:22Z |

I am working on encryption and decryption, I went through this forum and got valuable information. I made it to work. Currently I am using dp:generate-key() service to generate key and use that for encryption and decryption. I have some requirement to save some property file encrypted on box , fetch those during runtime, derypt them and compare with inputs. So both encryption and decryption are on the same box.

Everytime the generate-key() gives a new session key, I would like to save this on cert:// and create a 'Crypto Shared key' object for decryption at runtime. But I am not sure how to store this on DP, I save it as .txt but DP is not recognizing it. Which format should I save it ? Also, I am not sure if I can take generated key from logs and save that in cert:// for future use.

Please let me know.