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Pinned topic Write Permission Problem using Rhapsody with Subversion

‏2012-12-06T08:02:46Z |
Hello everyone,

I have a problem using Rhapsody with Subversion as Version/Config Management tool.
I am using Rhapsody 7.2 (becaused of company reasons) and TortoiseSVN Client to access a subversion repository on a server. Within Rhapsody I use PushOK SVN SCC plug-in.
My problem is as follows:
  • I check out the whole Rhapsody project from the repository as a local working copy
  • Then open the Rhapsody project
  • If the project is fully loaded I get a warning message (see attachment)
"Warning - directory C:\...\ Has no write permission
1. Auto save is disabled
2. Upon save backups will NOT be created

It is not possible to save any changes in the project. I don't now why.

Anybody with a hint? Many thanks in advance.

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