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Pinned topic How to tell CICS Explorer JAVA WEB Start to use a unique cache file name

‏2012-12-05T23:14:02Z |
I have two CICS Explorer JAVA WEB Start environments I refer to them as PROD and TEST, the idea is that when I build a new version I install it in the TEST environment and when I'm ready to implement it in the PROD environment just do a copy and so far is working fine.

My problem is that at one point the two versions have different dates they overwrite each other when they do the down load the cache file to C:\Documents and Settings\valenzmv\.cicsexplorerjws

So the question is: How can I tell to each of the CICS Explorer JAVA WEB Start version to ue its unique file?, you already told me how to specify a unique workspace for each version and is working fine.