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Pinned topic Summery issue while filtering the cross tab by rank.

‏2012-12-05T18:23:45Z |
Hello All,

I have a cognos 10.1 and DB2 9.7.

I have a cross tab with Product names in the rows and various measures in the column.

I also have a rank in the column based on one of the measure.

I just want to have the top 15 products in my report . So I tried to filter saying rank <= 15 but it seems to give an stich query error. SO I used a running-count on the rank field and filtered, running-count <=15. It works perfectly now with just 15 products. but the summary seems to calculate for the entire set of products instead of just 15 products.

I have set define contents = yes and used a new data item to calculate the summary (total(counts for products)), it doesnt seem to work.

Can anybody throw some light on the issue ? I would really appreciate it.