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Pinned topic NIM client rebuild failing

‏2012-12-05T17:51:45Z |

Please can anyone advice I am trying to rebuild a server using NIM/mksysb I have created a spot file from the mksysb image, all completed successfully.

When I come to doing the nim install get the following error LED on the HMC 888 102 700 C20 the system will halt. I have tried this a few times but no luck, please can anyone advice.
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  • alethad
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    Re: NIM client rebuild failing

    You may need to call IBM to interpret those codes. 888 is a system crash.
    Were there any follow up codes in the display?
    What version of AIX in on the mksysb and what machine type/model are you trying to install it on?
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  • robint
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    Re: NIM client rebuild failing

    code is probably 888-102-700-0c2
    This shows system halt with sw issue and a dump is in progress
    I had this and it was related to permissions on /etc/exports
    I think I reset nim and the perms on /etc/exports and all was okay. There was a fair bit of useful information on google as I remember.