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Pinned topic integrating Apache 2.0.64 and Websphere 6.1

‏2012-12-05T16:16:00Z |
hello Everybody,

In my application we have put all jsp,servlets,images,css,js inside the WAR file and running the application
now for better performance we want to migrate all the static content like images,CSS,Java Script to Apache server keeping Dynamic content inside the WebSphere App Server
I have integrated Apache 2.0.64 and Websphere 6.1 successfully
and i have copied all the static content to Apache web Server.
currently in my JSP i am using absolute path to refer an image like below

giving absolute path is not a good Practice, can some body help here
what are the changes i should do so that in my JSP instead of giving absolute path i will give alias name and my jsp will be like below

either like below


any pointers will be really helpful

thanks in Advance