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Pinned topic Changing status from CLOSED to INPR

‏2012-12-05T14:02:35Z |

I have a requirement to change the status of a WO which was wrongly moved to CLOSED from APPR status.

Could we just change the status of the record from the DB to INPROG and remove the CLOSED status historical entry from the WOSTATUS table ?

Are there any other additional changes that I may need to consider to ensure a smooth transition?

Thanks heaps in advance.
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    Re: Changing status from CLOSED to INPR

    If you're in V4, there was a script that allowed you to reopen a closed work order. If you're in a later version.. this is definitely not supported and there is definitely more you need to review. As an example, ASSETHISTORY table is populated when the work order is closed/comp depending on your setting. Another example is if it's a PM based work order, you need to handle the last completed date and understand how it impacts other fields (potentially even other work order records that now exist).

    There's a lot of logic that comes into play during the COMP/CLOSE that you need to be careful of when trying to reopen a work order. Depending on what you're needing to change, it's much better to try to do a history edit on the record.