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Pinned topic Parameter date in Ad Hoc report

‏2012-12-05T10:31:44Z |
I'd like to use a date interval as a filter for an Ad Hoc report I created in Maximo, so, when I create my report, I add STATUSDATE (WOTRACK application) as a filter; then I go in Report Administration and add a new one with a different name (but with the same attributename) and put two different operators in their relative fields (>= in the first, <= in the second).
The problem is that, when I launch my report and put a value in first parameter field, I get the same value in the second and viceversa.
Can anybody tell me why this happens?
Or better, can you help me finding a solution...?
Thank you.
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    Re: Parameter date in Ad Hoc report

    You probably cannot use Maximo's automatic binding capabilities for these types of parameters. You'll have to handle the condition in the dataset open script.

    Such as...

    params += " and (reportdate is not null) " +
    " and reportdate >= "
    + MXReportSqlFormat.getStartDayTimestampFunction(params) + " and "
    + " reportdate <= "
    + MXReportSqlFormat.getEndDayTimestampFunction(params) + " "