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Pinned topic Access SVN through Datapower

‏2012-12-05T08:28:49Z |
I'm trying to access SVN through following schema:

Client <-> DP_int <-> MQ_int <-> MQ_ext <-> DP_ext <-> Endpoint

I put headers and params into xml inside xslt (DP_int), pass it througt MQ, then set headers and params and send it to the endpoint (DP_ext).

The point is that can't set subversion http methods (OPTIONS, PROPFIND etc.). When I set 'var://service/protocol-method' over dp:set-variable inside xslt, it works only for standart GET, POST, PUT etc., but for OPTIONS etc. it sends GET instead.

When I try to use 'Method Rewrite' action inside MPGW to set 'var://service/protocol-method' to 'OPTIONS' for example, I get 'incorrect value' error.

The question is: is it possible to send HTTP requests with non-standart HTTP methods from DP?

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    Re: Access SVN through Datapower


    Can you explain why you want to acces SVN? TO retrive ile? To commit file?