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Pinned topic Generalizing negation by using groups in rules

‏2012-12-05T08:14:49Z |
I've written rules that negate terms by looking for two types of tokens (according to dictionary lookups): Negations (not, no, etc.) and Diseases.
The rule is correctly removing the Disease annotation from the analysis.

I have five medical dictionaries (diseases, procedures, medications, diseases, physical conditions, etc.) so I want to generalize the rule to remove all these annotations.

I tried making a group (requiring 1 occurrence) and with group members as 0 or 1 occurrence.

This time when I tried to right-click one of the annotations listed in the group and chose "Delete Annotation" the annotation actually disappeared (not like above where it is grayed out and listed as a plain token). I'm not sure I understand the interface in this case.

So for the text "no mumps" the first rule worked, but the second group-type did not.

Is my logic incorrect? Is there a recommended way to deal with this. It seems that generalizing Annotations in a group would be logical.

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    Re: Generalizing negation by using groups in rules

    You need to create a rule for all these entities. The Group function is different.
    I think you are talking about the "Or" operator, which is not supported.