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‏2012-12-05T07:51:44Z |

I am having a problem with one of the bladecenter H 8852 and 05 blades 7870. none of the servers are seeing the media tray, cd drive is not showing on any servers and USB on media tray is also no detecting any usb drive , i have update the AMM firmware and also reseated the Media tray but the problem is same.i updated the IMM and eUEFI on one of the blades to check if the firmware of the blades were the issue but still no luck.

So i replaced only the Media tray and tried again, but problem remain the same, not seeing the cd drive. I am attaching the service data and DSA of the server.

any one have any idea how to correct this.




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    Re: Media Tray not working


    Can you try to failover the management module to the secondary one and then check whether the servers can see the media tray? A faulty AMM could result in such issues.

    Also, please check the pins for the media tray connector in the chassis (where the media tray plugs in), and inspect for any bent ones.