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Pinned topic Unable to generate SDO's in MDM v10. RSA 8.0.3 and WAS

‏2012-12-05T07:17:58Z | mdm-migration
I am following the instructions in the MDMv10 DSUI developers guide @

InfoSphere MDM Server > Modifying user interfaces > Modifying Common UI Components > Understanding SDO objects

In my RSA instance I dont see the EMF model menu option under the Modelling--->Eclipse Modelling framework perspective.

I also tried the following instructions ....

Note: If the Eclipse Modeling Framework wizard is not visible, you need to first enable the EMF Capabilities Sample Set, as follows:
a. Select Preferences window > General > Capabilities from the Windows menu.
b. Select the check box next to EMF Capabilities Sample Set in the Capabilities window, then click Advanced.
c. Enable all of the sub-items listed under EMF Capabilities Sample Set in the advanced window.

But I dont see the EMF Capabilities Sample Set....

Has anyone faced a similar problem with the v10 environment?