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‏2012-12-05T06:12:05Z |
Our organization in GTS is running TAD4D 7.2.2 with it's TCR TAD4D 7.2 reports.
We are seeking to determine usage and utilization of software we have installed.
We obviously prefer to run with the 'Summary and Trend' data collection level but need to know
available solutions, even those that require running at the 'Detailed' level.

For example, let's assume DB2 is the software product. Is there a way to determine, for each server/node:
1. Is DB2 installed but not running?
If DB2 is not running, will a scan recognize and record that DB2 is installed?
I noticed PVU TCR reports could report the nodes associated with a product but am not certain
If that means the software is running.
2. If DB2 is installed, is it running?
TCR use summary reports, even when running 'Summary and Trend' data show the total number of nodes DB2 is running on,
but we do not have the node names DB2 is running on, do we?
One of the forum's entries indicates we can report by node names using the USAGE_AGGR_LAST_V table
So we should be able to determine products that haven't been used in some time.

I was told by Level 2 that, when running 'Summary and Trend', after the aggregation was done the details by node name were no
longer available. That apparently does not apply to the ‘last used’ table.

3. If DB2 is installed, and running, is it actually being used?
4. How can we determine what percentage of time a product is actually being executed on a node?
When running at the detailed level we get start and end times, so a calculation of the percentage of use seems likely.
That is, if a product ran 8 hours of the 24 hours in a day, it’s utilization would be 33%.
Any suggestions how SQL and TCR could be used for this reporting? When we get detailed use activated for a test,
it will be easier to visualize the data,
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    Re: Software Usage and Utilization Reporting

    Keep in mind that TADd main purpose is not to measure use of applications, rather its ment to be used in license management.

    1) Yes, you can check if it's installed looking in INSTALLED_OFFERING_TO_COMPONENT_V and than check USAGE_AGGR_LAST_V for last use date. TADd scan will recognize products that are installed, regardless if they are used.

    2) You can verify if it is installed and last time it was ran just like above.
    Use and discovery data is aggregated from 12h up to 2days after it has been gathered, so you cannot see real time software use information.

    3) There is no way to check using TADd if installed and running software is actually used.

    4) Using data from detailed level you can calculate the % as you mentioned, however keep in mind that there might be multiple entries for one node and one product during same day.

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