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Pinned topic ServiceGateway and MQ Bindind

‏2012-12-04T23:32:12Z |
I've created simple Mediation Module:
1. In Assembly Diagram I have an Export node with ServiceGateway interface and MQ binding;
2. In Mediation flow I've placed Trace component with Root path: "/"

When I testing mediation module on my local environment, error message is printed:

[12/5/12 0:17:25:795 EET] 00000189 NATIVEBODY    E transform CWLAP0008E: The input of type 

class and output of type 

null is not supported by data handler NativeBodyDataHandler . [12/5/12 0:17:25:796 EET] 00000189 MQ            W   Exception thrown in body data binding [12/5/12 0:17:25:804 EET] 00000189 TraceMediatio I   CWSXM3010I: 12/5/12 12:17 AM, 67FEBB8D-013B-4000-E000-28B97F000101, iif1_in_trc, some_flow, null, 7

Seems that issue is when engine tries to access/parse SMO body. When Root path parameter in Trace component is set to "/headers" - it works fine. When Root path is changed to: "/body" - exception is thrown.

When I test same mediation module with same message on other (development) server it works fine - Trace node prints whole message to log file.

I was wondering what I'm missing or messed up with my local environment?

Some additional notes:
1. Local environment:
WebSphere Application Server:
WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus:

2. Issue free environment:
WebSphere Application Server:
WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus: