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Pinned topic Relation between INTRA_PARALLEL and Agents Stolen

‏2012-12-04T20:10:08Z |
Hi all DB2 gurus out there :-)

I have a curious problem to which I just cannot seem to find a clear answer.

I have two DB2 instances running a number of databases. In all settings db2set, dbm cfg and db cfg, the environments are configured the same, BUT for INTRA_PARALLEL that is set as YES on one instance and NO on the other.

Connection pooling is enabled on both but not connection consentrator.

What really gets me is that on the instance with INTRA_PARALLEL = NO, "Agents stolen from another application" snapshot monitor remains 0, BUT on the instance with INTRA_PARALLEL = YES, I can observe about 60 - 100 "Agents stolen from another application" per minute!?!

Let's not worry about workloads, OLTP/OLAP etc. What I need to find out is what can be causing the increasing Agents stolen. Unfortunately I will not have the option of changing the INTRA_PARALLEL setting to play and find out if that is the root cause because these environments needs to be upp 24x7.

Can anyone give me a clear answer to this?


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    Re: Relation between INTRA_PARALLEL and Agents Stolen

    With intra-partition parallelism you will have multiple agents working for each application, so the agent pool size that is sufficient for the non-parallel instance may not be enough for the one with parallelism enabled.