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Pinned topic Using ClearQuest w/SSL certificate installutil validateldap command fails

‏2012-12-04T20:09:23Z |
"installutil validateldap CQ_QA admin admin99scm 999999 userpwd" fails with following:

Starting test validateldap
Invalid Credentials: Either the login name or the password is incorrect. The LDAP server returned this error: Failed to Bind ldap connection using the account specified by -D cn=ClearQuest,ou=robotics,o=swa-ldapdev -w ***. Please ensure that ClearQuest's LDAP server initialization parameters, including -D and -w, are set correctly.
Received the following LDAP error message: LDAP operation 'ratl_ldap_simple_bind_s' failed with error code 116. Description: Failed to connect to ssl server..

Validating LDAP failed.
The LDAP initialization parameters are:
-h "" -p 636 -D "cn=ClearQuest,ou=robotics,o=swa-ldapdev" -w *** -Z -K "win:\\msrtnlqa\rational\CQDevNewKey.kdb" admin99scm
The LDAP search parameters are:
-s sub -b o=swa-ldapdev (uid=%login%)
The ClearQuest <-> LDAP mapping is:
CQUser.CQ_LOGIN_NAME <----> uid

Exit code 1 for test validateldap

All other installutil commands complete successfully.

Any ideas on why this fails?
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    Re: Using ClearQuest w/SSL certificate installutil validateldap command fails


    There are several reasons for this, described in this Technote.
    If you cannot resolve the problem with the Technote, please open a PMR with IBM Rational Client Support and provide the key database and the password for it, along with the parameters you've set for LDAP.